Blood Lily

Blood Lily is a literary thriller about a modern Saudi woman – a royal – whose violent, billionaire father embeds her in America with instructions to lead two brothers on a suicidal bombing mission on the Washington, DC, subway. She dreams of fleeing to Maine to escape her father’s influence. The story is about the impacts of oppression and fear as much as it is a takedown of the autocrats and tyrants who would like to rule us all. Kirkus Reviews calls it “engrossing.” says it is a “propulsive” thriller, unique because its characters are so richly developed.

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Church of Golf

Donald O. Gibson had it all. And then he screwed the pooch.

Donald and his mane of blond hair found fame and success too easy and too early. He starred as a football player for the University of Maryland and brought his alma mater its first national championship. Out of college, he prospered as a celebrity salesman. But he took his good fortune for granted and things went to hell. By his mid-forties, he’s deep in debt, drunk, lumpy around the middle and sucking for air. He finds redemption in religious devotion to the traditions and rules of golf.