People tend to get a giddy when a project they’ve worked on for almost three years is nearly complete.

This week, I’ve been making final changes to the ‘Church of Golf’ manuscript based upon comments from the handful of folks who have read it and shared comments. I’ve been narrowing choices for cover art. And I’ve been thinking that the target release date for October 15 might be realistic.

Tremendous thanks to Alan Mairson and to Lynda DeWitt for their extensive and insightful comments. As book editors, they are both first rate.

When the text is submitted to the publisher late this week/early next week, they say they’ll have proofs for me to review within 10 days. When I get the proofs for review, the book will be all laid out — chapter numbers, page headers, the title page and everything will in place. Once I approve the publisher’s cover art, they’ll have the cover work complete in about 10 days. After that, the book comes available in hard copy and in Kindle format on Amazon and then, soon after, in other outlets including the books section of iTunes. Folks can go to Amazon, click a button and in two days, ‘Church of Golf’ will show up in their mailbox — or it will appear on their Kindle or iPad (if they have the Kindle app) in nothing flat.

Usually I get up early in the morning and work on my manuscript before going to the office. Getting out of bed is pretty easy because so much positive energy is bubbling to the surface. Convincing myself to go to work is getting hard because it takes time away from finishing my book. It’s exciting to think that the text I’m massaging will be in hard copy and available soon. It’s exciting to think that there may be newspapers and magazines that will run book reviews or that there might be somebody riding the subway in New York reading ‘Church of Golf’ and the person next to him sees the cover and says “So what’s that book about?”

I have this recurring fantasy where I get an email from Dave Matthews, Bill Murray, Morgan Freeman or somebody else that’s awesome and they say “Dude, your book really spoke to me.”

More to come soon, no doubt.