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Spencer Stephens is the author of two novels, Church of Golf and Blood Lily. Church of Golf tells the story of a washed-up sports hero who seeks redemption through religious devotion to golf. The book is available in paperback and Kindle format at Amazon.com. His second novel, Blood Lily, due out Summer 2021, tells the story of a Saudi woman – a royal – whose oppressive and autocratic family embeds her in America and orders her to place bombs on Washington, DC, subway trains. She battles international strongmen and her own demons as she searches for a way out. It’s due out in Summer 2021.

Spencer survived the loss of his father, who was his hero and his best pal, during the Vietnam War, when Spencer was in the second grade. He also survived Catholic schools. Full recovery didn’t occur until he arrived at East Carolina University where he earned a degree in English lit, developed a passion for the mind-altering effects of intellectual stimulation, and where he formed enduring friendships. Spencer earned his way through college as an American Sign Language interpreter and occasionally gives tutorials on how to swear in ASL.

Spencer spent several years as a news and features writer, mostly for daily newspapers. Being a reporter turned him into an admirer of eloquent profanity and a student of nearly everything. He’s furthered both interests during a career as a trial attorney. His study of the world around him has qualified him as a minor expert on an eccentric list of subjects that includes the health benefits of Eastern North Carolina barbecue, the care and maintenance of vintage British roadsters and the toxic effect of adverbs.

Spencer’s influences include Charles Bukowski and Abraham Lincoln, two guys who stayed productive, quotable and completely honorable while enduring losses that would crush most of us.

Spencer and his wife have two daughters, both grown.

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