In the last week, a couple of important milestones on the path to authordom have come and gone.  I approved the ‘marketing text’ — the blurb that appears on the back of the book that briefly describes the inside of the book — and the BISAC category (used by librarians and search engines to categorize and find books) for ‘Church of Golf.’ Also, the manuscript has been formatted so that it looks like a real book with chapter numbers, little squiggly things called ‘fleurons’ that divide sections; pages have been laid out with page numbers and the text has been put into the font and type size that will appear in the final.

One other happy milestone came and went: I told the publisher I was a little underwhelmed with the cover art that they had produced. It wasn’t bad. It just wasn’t all that good. I thought I was just venting. I didn’t expect that little old Spencer, not yet published or proven, would be able to have any influence. Two days later, I got an email with brand new cover art. I was blown away. It captures the precise feeling I had hoped it would. It features a lush photograph of a middle-aged dude getting ready to tee off on a golf course that is obviously tropical (possibly Hawaiian). He’s looking off into the distance (which the reader cannot see). The future of this particular golfer is something he’s very interested in and it’s a question mark. He gets to ponder his future while planted in a place as beautiful as any you could imagine.

Just perfect.

More to come soon, no doubt. cog.cover .art .alternative.141007 300x225 Milestones and Merriment