the.loyal .cover .2nd Book Review. The Loyal: The Story of Atwood and the Second Civil War, by Christopher Wilde. The Bend Publishing Company, 2017. One can speculate about charismatic extremists who might thrive in the shadow of a hateful president, a man greedy for control of an entire country. Christopher Wilde has done so in his new novella, a provocative read that is absorbing, realistic and deeply frightening.

Wilde’s book documents the rise of a revolutionary hero and an actuarial genius named Atwood, a woman focused on how much she can control. Atwood is the sexy blond wizard at the tip of a lethal spear and at the head of a nationwide movement of millennials. She blames baby boomers for bringing children into a world of want and sucking the life from them to sustain themselves. Atwood claims that boomers selfishly control the wealth, the jobs, the health care system and the government. Narcissistic to the core, boomers elected the worst of their own as president, a man who promised to safeguard the boomers’ dominance. The world contains every part of young adults’ birthright, but the boomers refuse to release it until their deaths. So, she declares war.

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